To Love is to Respect

Women have been ostracized since the day humans set foot on Earth. Regardless of any races or ethnicity, women were always considered as the lower class gender. As modern society brings itself to picture, women are becoming more and more celebrated. We have Margaret Thatcher, Oprah Winfrey, Florence Nightingale and even Ellen DeGeneres. However, how many Thatchers are there in the world? Most of us girls and women just live quietly by the still discrimination of gender. Because of this, it has led to many women, trying to conform to this discrimination, trying to scramble on ways to please men, to do it the ‘right’ societal female way. Well, I must say that this is outright embarrassing and disappointing for a female. Females should be much more dignified than men, we bear children for the world, we did that, we did this. In the eyes of traditional beliefs, everything that the females have done are considered rightfully legitimate and a strong must. This disgusting belief has led to many women trying to throw away their dignity, distinctly or indistinguishably.

I live in an Asian country, a very modernized,¬†cosmopolitan society, where usually the law is in favor of women. Yet, in this hip city with all the vibe, the still common promiscuity is intricately in great disguise. When I was young, girls cast wider smiles to guys than girls. The girls in my high school even wore makeup, like fake plastic double eyelids, shiny contact lenses, eye shadows, all of these just kept me wondering if I was in school to learn or in for a fashion parade. Obviously, for the girls, besides making themselves feel a little heightened by something to cover their insecurities, isn’t it one of the most ostentatious ways to impress guys? Seriously? (and that’s was an Asian school) The moment I entered school, got educated, the thing that first set foot on me was to never concede defeat to guys, never to be under the brandish or the sympathy of guys. Men might be the stronger gender physically or academically, but it is no way equivalent to the oppression of females. Yet my hope for gender equality is quite corroded, by the shame that women have brought to themselves. When women are neglected or toyed by men, the first thing that comes in mind is regret. But just a step before it, why do you have to do everything to impress men? The point that I’m trying to make here is to convey the message that, even in the modern society, women are regarded as shameless, can-do-everything-for-anything person. You can’t completely blame the guys. It is you, the kind of women, who sell themselves by sticking to the guys, trying to be as girly or demure so that there will be some forces of attraction. Please? Dignity? Therefore, there is this vicious cycle that’s really vicious and irreversible. Ancient society (oppression) –> girls conform –> men think girls are easy creatures –> discrimination continues.

There was recently a news in my country where a gym club advertised a poster of 2 guys checking out a woman, trying to show that the gym offers great opportunities to look at women. A feminist organisation raised concerns about this, but guess what? The majority of the people in the country just thought that this organisation was pure crazy and restless. Even the model in the ad stood up and said she found that it was not of a problem at all and that the organisation was just a little sensitive. I was not exactly comfortable when I saw all this remarks. So women, women and women, you want people to respect you as a woman, but you just keep on doing things that propels people to be more discriminating! We have to love ourselves, love for what we are and not change just for the purpose of trying to please this or that.

Hopefully, in a matter of decades, women can rise to be equal with men. I think, you, have heard of the word, “tigress”.


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